iTutor creates learners

iTutor Learning Systems has been tried and tested by children, parents and educators around the world.


Australian owned, we aspire to change the lives of families by making education more accessible, motivating, interesting, effective and rewarding.


Our children are our most valuable resource which is why we believe all children deserve the opportunity to secure a good education.  Passion and dedication are keys to our success and drive us to create learning opportunities and outcomes that have changed the lives of children, parents and families all over the world, for over 20 years.


We understand the challenges parents often face in finding quality time to sit with each child at homework time whilst also juggling after school activities, competing schedules and the needs of other family members.


We thrive to educate and empower the next generation of leaders and influencers through use of our proven learning system, in compliment with our Tutor Support Centre and Parents APP.  Our programs are tailored to support children’s learning, boost confidence, self-esteem and empower and engage both the child and parent so if your child is struggling to understand concepts and processes, we have a program to provide our child with the solutions they need to start laughing and enjoying school again!


The results really speak for themselves so find out today how we can help you to help your child to become a happy learner with the iTutor Learning System.